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image for app TeasEar:  ASMR Slime Triggers
TeasEar: ASMR Slime Triggers
ico for app TeasEar:

Break free from the fast-paced world! Tease your senses with various triggers that relieve stress and calming anxiety.

image for app SoSleep: Sleep ASMR Sounds
SoSleep:Sleep ASMR Sounds
ico for app SoSleep:

White Noise is a progressive way to combat insomnia, relax and meditate. Enjoy high quality sleep sounds...

image for app Nicola Maths: Educational games
Nicola Maths:Educational games
ico for app Nicola Maths:

No more boring math exercises! Learning is officially fun! Check it out in the Nicola Math app.

image for app Read2Play: Encourage your child to read
Read2Play:Encourage your child to read
ico for app Read2Play:

Get your kids reading more and playing less. Reading can be fun and your parental control – smart! Try it!

image for app Read2Play: Motivate to read
Read2Play:Motivate to read
ico for app Read2Play:

Use leading edge technology to make reading an everyday habit for your children!

image for app De-Stress:  Breath & Meditation
De-Stress: Breath & Meditation
ico for app De-Stress:

Take a break from the chaos and whirlwind modern life and spend some time on yourself.

image for app 81 Tiles: Color Block Puzzle
81 Tiles:Color Block Puzzle
ico for app 81 Tiles:

The good-old Tetris puzzle is back. Now, it’s on your iPhone. he game is still popular across the world with all generations.

image for app Horoscope and Palmistry - Everyday Prediction none
Horoscope and Palmistry - Everyday Prediction
ico for app Horoscope and Palmistry - Everyday Prediction

Hello, horoscope and palmistry addicts of the world! Meet your personal astroguru and palmistry pro.

Nicola App

Meet Nicola

Motivate children to read
daily by their natural desire to play.

Schedule reading and game time. Choose what apps to block and for how long. Your children will unlock them only by reading.

About Us

FaceMetrics is a young and ambitious product start-up.

We make progressive software for business and personal usage. For work and play. For adults and kids. For every one of us.

We accept the challenges of a fast-paced world and are eager to create IT products fostering global change. Join us, if you crave for progress through constant learning, as much as we do. What is it like to be a part of our team? You will get access to a patented computer vision and face-recognition technology to create AI-driven products for smart living, lifestyle, entertainment and education.

Our Locations:

  • Ul. Krowoderskich Zuchów 14-LU9, 31-272 Krakow, Poland, Facemetrics Sp. Z O.O.
  • Alexandrov Passage, 117 Nezavisimosti ave., 16 floor, Minsk, Belarus, Facemetrics Development

Our Technologies

Eye tracking

We’ve trained this technology to look for specific eye movement patterns and determine whether the user is reading, watching videos, or playing video games...

Pose detection

This technology uses a camera to lock onto a human body and track every movement in real time...

Emotion recognition

This technology has been trained to track the features of a human face and recognize a number of emotional responses...

Prediction of perceived personality traits

With this technology we can use user’s features and facial expressions to predict the impression they will make on other people...

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