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FaceMe: Myers Personality Test

Learn your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses to gain insights into your interaction with the world...

TeasEar: ASMR Slime Triggers

Break free from the fast-paced world! Tease your senses with various triggers that relieve stress and calming anxiety.

Nicola:Smart Parental Control & Screen Time

Get your kids reading more and playing less. Reading can be fun and your parental control – smart! Try it!

Nicola:ePub Book Reader

Make reading your everyday habit and engage your child into both educational and entertaining activity.

Horoscope and Palmistry - Everyday Prediction

Hello, horoscope and palmistry addicts of the world! Meet your personal astroguru and palmistry pro.

DayStress Relief:Relaxation & Antistress

Sleep well. Relax. Breathe calmly. Live longer & healthier with our antistress app!

Meet Nicola

Motivate children to read
daily by their natural desire to play.

Schedule reading and game time. Choose what apps to block and for how long. Your children will unlock them only by reading.

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About Us

FaceMetrics is a young and ambitious product start-up.
Accepting the challenges of today’s fast-paced world we make software which cares for people.
If you crave for progress through constant learning and feel like creating emotionally friendly IT products, join us to be a part of global change.
As a part of our team you will get access to a patented computer vision and face-recognition technology that leverages the power of modern mobile devices to create AI-driven products for smart living, lifestyle, entertainment and education.

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