Android Team Leader

We are looking for a hands-on Mobile Leader to inspire and supervise our Android team. We have big plans and dynamic processes. Flexibility and responsible change are the approaches we appreciate most.
Feel free to contact us, if you see yourself in the following description:

Skills & requirements:

  • strong experience with Android platform;
  • Kotlin knowledge;
  • mobile testing knowledge (JUnit, Espresso etc.);
  • Android Studio knowledge (debugging, profiling);
  • object-oriented development, design/architectural patterns;
  • experience with Git VCS;
  • Material Design knowledge;
  • experience with Google Play Billing is a plus;
  • experience with C++/JNI is a plus;
  • experience with SQL is a plus;
  • experience with Jenkins is a plus.

Technological stack:

  1. 100% Kotlin codebase;
  2. Clean Architecture / MVVM;
  3. Koin;
  4. RxJava;
  5. Room;
  6. Jenkins.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • help architect, build, iterate and manage our Android application;
  • ensure that code is complaint with latest design standards and best-practices;
  • help to raise the overall skill and quality level through design/code reviews and mentoring;
  • push forward our testing process;
  • research and prototype solutions for difficult problems;
  • partner closely with product owners to continuously improve our Android application.

Compensation package:

  • Health insurance
  • English classes
  • 100% sick leave coverage (14 days)
  • 2 additional days-off for personal reasons
  • Life event souvenirs
  • Competitive compensation
  • Legal employment (HTP regulations apply)